Myntra has launched a three minute film under the ‘Myntra Unforgettables’ series, featuring Niranjana Parte, a young footballer, from Mandla in Madhya Pradesh. The video honours her remarkable enthusiasm for the sport, showcasing her journey and achievements, while also highlighting the transformation taking place in her village.

The video is the fourth in the ‘Myntra Unforgettables’ series that celebrates passionate individuals, helping them accomplish the unbelievable. The highlight of the video is Niranjana, who against all odds took to football at a young age, inspired by her father, a football player himself. She has been a participant at the CM cup, an annual football tournament, held in Madhya Pradesh and describes it as one of the best moments in her life. Niranjana is a student at Riverside Natural School, being run by Mrida Education & Welfare Society, an NGO founded by Priya Nadkarni.

The film showcases the journey of young boys and girls from the village of Mohgaon, Madhya Pradesh through the eyes of Niranjana, who goes to school there, giving viewers an appreciation of their way of life. It covers aspects involving everyday life and the new football culture in the region, with shots of fun and frolic among kids, ecstatic parents and loving teachers, with prominent presence of Niranjana in the narrative. Viewers witness a surprise offered to the kids in the form of carton boxes that contain adidas footballs, followed by the montage of a tournament showing excitement, happy moments and high fives and winners being awarded trophies. 

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